Alex Brand Eliminated in 7th Place (€8,870)

Alex Brand

Henri Piironen raised on the button to 85,000, Alex Brand three-bet shoved 745,000 from the small blind and Piironen called directly.

Alex Brand: :::5h:::5d
Henri Piironen: :::Qc:::Qh

After getting aces cracked earlier as well as losing ace-king against ace-queen, the start-of-the-day chipleader was now the one that needed to come from behind. There was no lifeline for Brand after the board ran out :::8s:::6c:::Ad:::3h:::3s and a disappointing final table for him ended in 7th place.

Alex Brand
Alex Brand
Henri Piironen2,310,0001,040,000
Daniel Jacobsen1,765,00070,000
Julien Stropoli1,585,0000
Jan Eckert1,085,000-180,000
Kristof Segers450,000-220,000
Alex Brand0-885,000