Arno Simon Eliminated in 17th Place (£4,370)

Anton Kuznetsov opened to 55,000 from the cutoff. Arno Simon shoved 249,000 all in on the button and Kuznetsov called to put the last Frenchman at risk.

Arno Simon: :::Kh:::Qh
Anton Kuznetsov: :::Ah:::3h

The :::Jh:::2h:::4c flop gave both players a flush draw, but Kuznetsov’s one was higher. Simon found one of his outs on the :::Kd turn, but the :::6h on the river gave Kuznetsov the nut flush. Simon headed to the payout desk to collect £4,370 for his 17th place.

Anton Kuznetsov 1,695,000 595,000
Arno Simon 0 -750,000