The Unibet Open is a series of live €1,000 poker tournaments held around Europe. For the full schedule, please visit the Home tab. The four-day events are usually capped at 400 players, and are comprehensively covered live on the Unibet Open website.

Unibet International is a publicly listed company on the Stockholm stock exchange. Started in 1997, provides a platform for online poker, games and a sportsbook to over 7.2 million customers, as well as operating the Unibet Open and providing live poker updates and news from the tournaments.

Since 2007, Unibet Open has grown from a single event into a tour spanning Europe. One of the reasons for its popularity is the atmosphere at each event – a volatile mix of qualifiers, amateurs and professionals, playing for six-figure prize pools – which makes each Unibet Open a unique and exciting experience. At the same time the emphasis is on enjoying the competition, seeing the sights in the beautiful host locations and enjoying the Unibet Open hospitality in the players’ lounge, at parties and side events.

Yes, if you have qualified for full package for the tournament through

Usually no, however in some destinations hotels do charge an extra fee for guests’ stay. Also players will be responsible for all additional charges to their room – internet, mini-bar, etc.

If you have won or bought a full package through, then your hotel room will be booked in your name by Unibet for the specified dates (information will be provided). If you need to extend or amend your stay, you must contact the unibet open team directly. Players who have bought seats will need to make their own accommodation arrangements.

Breakfast is included as part of your hotel package and full package players will also be treated to dinner during the tournament at the casino/hotel. Water is complimentary for players in the tournament.

Yes. The Unibet Open is legendary for its hospitality and players’ entertainment activities, including Welcome Drinks on day 1A and the Saturday night Players’ Party, plus the players’ lounge welcomes all players during the event.

No. Package trips/seats to the event are not transferable and may not be exchanged for cash.

Each player may only win one package trip/seat to any Unibet Open event. If they qualify twice for the same event no cash alternative is offered. Second win might be (but not guaranteed) exchanged for tickets (satellites) worth €1000.

Yes – however there are regulations governing the wearing of sponsors’ logos or branding. For full details click here.

Before the tournament starts, all participants are required to provide their permission (in writing) for use of their image by media.