Unibet Open is taking it to another level in season 2020 by extending the Unibet family with 7 Unibet Open ambassadors. The team consists of an international mix of poker players with different gametypes, interests and strengths. Please click on the avatars below to find out more about each one of them.

Alexandre ReardAlexandre

Alexandre Reard is one of the newest Unibet Ambassadors, recognised for his consistency in results, his calmness and composure and his pinpoint bet sizing’s at the table. With over $1.6M in total live earnings on Hendob Mob, Reard is considered by his peers as one of the best French poker player in the world.

Alex is predominantly a Live MTT player whose well timed aggressive play style allows him to soundly play in any dynamic and traverse the metagame poker offers with ease.

“I have no poker rival. I have only friends or opponent”

Hendon Mob Total: $1,675,931 (Link)
Biggest Live Cash: $340,000
Best Finish Unibet Open: 29th

Dan MurariuDan

Hailing from Onești in Romania, Dan ‘Agentu’ Murariu is a legit beast with an impressive resumé on both the real life and virtual felt. In 2010, he posted his first marquis result, winning the Unibet Open Varna for €150k. He followed that up in 2011 by coming 2nd in the IPT San Remo for €130K. The purple patch continued in 2011 when he came 2nd in the Sunday Million for $150K and final tabled the WCOOP Main Event for $81K.

In 2012, Dan won yet another Unibet Open, this time in St Maartens for €110K. Then in 2014, he came 2nd in another IPT SanRemo Main Event for €35K. In 2017, he won a side event at Unibet’s European Open in Las Vegas.

Over his career, Dan has been consistency personified. He has cashed at the World Series of Poker 8 Times, including the Main Event in 2012. He is Romania’s 3rd most cashed and 5th biggest money winner in live poker.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys golf, tennis, skiing and spending time with his young son. He first became a Unibet Poker Ambassador in 2011.

Hendon Mob Total: $1,402,460 (Link)
Biggest Live Cash: $188,459
Best Finish Unibet Open: 1st

Dara O’KearneyDara

Former Irish international ultra-runner turned poker pro, Dara O'Kearney aka Doke is known for being a lot of things. A Satellite Beast. A Short Stack Jedi. David Bowie's mate. The Oldest Internet Poker Kid. 2nd.

While Dara does have a lot of 2nds on his résumé, he actually has far more wins, evidenced by his whopping 7 Pocket Fives Triple Crowns. In fact, he notched up his first victory in his very first live poker tournament when he won €47,000 at the 2008 European Deepstack.

Back in 2007, on his very first night playing online, Dara won a $151 in a freeroll and ran it up without ever depositing a cent. Today, he is Ireland's highest ranked player online, it’s biggest online winner (with over $2.5 million lifetime profit) and it’s most cashed live player (140+ cashes, 60+ final tables and 8 wins in 17 different countries). Dara won Super Tuesday in 2013 for $84,000 and final tabled a SCOOP event in 2017 for $39,000 but his biggest result came in 2015 when he narrowly missed out on a bracelet, finishing 2nd at the WSOP for $299,000.

As well as being a player, Dara is a coach, a staker, a columnist for Bluff Magazine and a very popular blogger. He co-hosts 'The Chip Race' Poker Podcast and he writes a free monthly newsletter on poker strategy. He has also commentated on The Irish Poker Open, The Unibet Open and at the WSOP. Dara became a Unibet Ambassador in March 2017.

Hendon Mob Total: $917,265 (Link)
Biggest Live Cash: $262,502
Best Finish Unibet Open: 27th/10th UO HR
Online Total: $2,664,128

David LappinDavid Lappin

An Irishman currently residing in Malta, David spent seven years in college studying Arts, Philosophy and Screenwriting - the perfect preparation for a career in poker! He started playing professionally in 2006, building up a roll from scratch playing online SNGs and live MTTs in Connecticut. After Black Friday, he returned to his hometown of Dublin where he segued into online MTTs and Satellites and became a regular on the European live circuit.

David has made north of $700,000 online. He has also cashed over 100 times in 18 different countries for over $400,000 with almost 60 final tables and 8 wins. His biggest result came in 2009 when he chopped the Full Tilt Espana Series - Barcelona for €81,000.

David is a coach, staker, blogger and Twitch-streamer for Unibet Poker. He is the host and producer of 'The Chip Race' Poker Podcast. He was the colour commentator at The 2015 Irish Poker Open and at numerous Unibet Poker Opens. He recently became a father so his spare time is limited these days but when he does have some, he likes to play cricket, tweet about politics and troll Ian Simpson. David became a Unibet Ambassador in March of 2017.

Hendon Mob Total: $470,711 (Link)
Biggest Live Cash: $87,509
Best Finish Unibet Open: N/A
Online Total: $927,178

Espen JorstadEspen

Sculpted from a piece of the finest Norwegian marble, Espen was introduced to poker in 2004 through a 'Warcraft' friend who had started playing poker. Prior to that, he was an old-school video gamer (Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft and DotA). Formerly shy, introverted and suffering from social anxiety, Espen credits poker for helping to bring him out of his shell.

Though he dabbles in tournaments both live and online (he final tabled the Nordic Poker Championships Main Event in 2017), Espen is primarily a cash game pro, crushing mid- to high-stakes. He came to notoriety in 2016 when he set himself a 6-month Cash-Game Bankroll Challenge on Twitch with the aim of turning €10K into €50K. He reached his goal in just five weeks.

Espen has a masters degree in Brewing Science and Technology, making this craft beer geek the ideal drinking companion, that is until he bores you about how in 2017, he won ‘The Rising Star of Poker’ award. These days, Espen lives in Tallinn with fellow Unibet Poker Ambassador Rauno Tahvonen where he streams on Twitch for Unibet Poker. He also vlogs, blogs and has written strategy articles for Bluff Magazine. Espen became a Unibet Ambassador in March 2017.

Hendon Mob Total: $2,836 (Link)
Biggest Live Cash: €20,000
Best Finish Unibet Open: 45th

Ian SimpsonIan

Hailing from the small town of Cramlington on the outskirts of Newcastle, England, Ian did a degree in Biotechnology, became a Biology teacher but a stellar result in 2012 lured him away from the classroom. Ian came 4th at the prestigious Irish Poker Open for €107,500 and was the Sole Survivor. Unbelievably, exactly 12 months later, he won the same event for a whopping €265,000. After the final hand was dealt, Ian dropped to his knees to propose to his girlfriend Emma. We will never know if it was true love, the peer pressure of the moment or the fact that he had just become a rich man but she said 'yes'.

Other marquis results on Ian's résumé include his 2nd place finish for £107,000 in the 2013 UKIPT London, his side event victory for $49,000 at the WPT Five Diamond festival in 2014 and his GPPT Online win for $75,000 in 2016.

Ian is a columnist for Card Player Europe and the newsman for 'The Chip Race' Poker Podcast. He is a whiskey connoisseur and a compulsive cat-napper (he literally takes naps with his cats). A poker enthusiast with an infectious love for the game, Ian streams for Unibet Poker four days a week on Twitch. He has been a Unibet Poker Ambassador since March 2017.

Hendon Mob Total: $984,182 (Link)
Biggest Live Cash: $339,604
Best Finish Unibet Open: 15th/ Winner of HR UO

Monica Eilertsen VakaMonica

Monica who goes under the name 'WakaWaka' in the Norwegian Poker Circuit. She was introduced to poker in 2009 by her boyfriend, and they live together on the west coast of Norway, with their daughter.

Her best live cash came in 2017 when she finished 7nd in Unibet Open Copenhagen, she was at this point 7 months pregnant. Monica's best game is No Limit Hold’em, but the last year she has gotten an interest in Mixed Games, something that resulted in an 8th place in the Norwegian Championship in Dublin 2018 in “8-Game Mixed Limit”.

Monica is a social person with a good sense of humour.

Live Earnings: $47,282
Best Cash: $13,168