About Unibet Open

Play in the most exciting poker tournament in Europe – with ever-growing numbers of players (from amateurs and locals to ambassadors and pros) battling it out for six-figure prize pools in glamorous locations.

Since 2007, the Unibet Open has been synonymous with a fabulous live poker experience – not only running the best tournaments but with huge turnouts for the Main Event which invariably sell out above cap. We also travel to the most amazing locations (from Prague to the Algarve, from Tallinn to Malta) guarnanteeing that players have the time of their lives.

Unrivalled Unibet Open hospitality is alwaays on offer – with welcome drinks and the legendary Unibet Open players’ party – as well as side events and ring games to keep the cards in the air over the full four days.

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    To apply for a press pass for the upcoming event, please find the form here.