Carr Doubles Through Beretta

Alan Carr limped in from the small blind and Luca Beretta raised it up to 500,000 from the big blind. Carr called and the flop of :::3h:::2s:::2d was spread across the table.

Carr checked to Beretta who continued for 300,000. Carr still called and the :::ts hit the turn. Carr checked once more and Beretta fired out another bet of 525,000. Carr just called again and the :::2h completed the board.

Carr jammed all in for 3,160,000 and Beretta quickly called. Carr turned over :::qs:::qc for a better full house than Beretta’s :::td:::3s.

Alan Carr6,200,0003,400,000
Luca Beretta1,410,000-3,290,000