Degnemark Triples, Wrang Eliminated

With three-way action on a :::Th:::6c:::3c flop, Lasse Degnemark was first to act and checked. Ragnar Hansen bet 2,400 and Jannick Wrang called on the button. Degnemark went all in for 12,725 and Hansen called.

Wrang gave it some thought before calling all in as well for 12,575 total.

Ragnar Hansen: :::As:::Td
Lasse Degnemark: :::Ac:::8c
Jannick Wrang: :::Kc:::4c

EPT8 Campione Main Event winner Wrang was in the worst shape, needing one of the kings to survive. Degnemark was drawing live against Hansen, but some of his outs were in Wrang’s hand.

The turn was the :::Ad, which left Wrang drawing dead. Degnemark needed a club on the river to survive and got there when the dealer flipped the :::Jc on the felt. Degnemark secured the triple up and Wrang was eliminated.

Lasse Degnemark 40,000 40,000
Ragnar Hansen 24,000 24,000
Jannick Wrang 0 -30,000