False Start for Ioana Silvana

Ioana Silvana

Peter Harkes raised to 5,300 in early position, Norbert Laszlo called, Ioana Silvana called and Silviu Nemes defended the big blind. The flop was :::6c:::6h:::2s and everyone checked to Silvana. The Romanian bet 13,000, Nemes and Harkes folded and Laszlo called.

Laszlo checked the :::3s on the turn, Silvana shoved all in and Laszlo called his remaining 47,200 off.

Ioana Silvana: :::9s:::7s
Norbert Laszlo: :::Ks:::Kd

Laszlo’s disguised kings held up after the :::9h river and he scored an early double.

Norbert Laszlo 152,000 84,900
Ioana Silvana 150,000 -27,900