Gicovanu Wins Three-Way Pot

Marius Gicovanu

Marius Gicovanu opened the button to 115,000 with :::3c:::3s and Martin Soukup called with the :::9h:::9c in the small blind, as did Traian Bostan with :::Ad:::5d in the big blind. The :::Qs:::5c:::2d flop was checked to Gicovanu and his bet was called by both opponents.

No betting action took place on the :::Ah turn and Gicovanu spiked the :::4s on the river. Soukup checked and subsequently folded, Bostan bet 475,000 and Gicovanu just called to win a big pot and take over the lead.

Marius Gicovanu5,700,0001,070,000
Martin Soukup4,480,000-250,000
Traian Bostan850,000-775,000