Jorstad Doubles; Manolea Busts

Espen Uhlen Jorstad

Maxime Canevet had been down to 45,000 and appeared among the recent casualties a few minutes prior to the dinner break, while Evangelos Bechrakis continued his rise on Day 2.

Further players to run out of chips include Ioan Taizs, Eduard Norel, Markus Heikkila and Luciana Manolea, while Espen Uhlen Jorstad doubled.

Jorstad had jammed out of the big blind with :::As:::Jd and Carmen Zainescu in the small blind called with :::5x:::4x after prior action on the table already. The board came :::Kd:::Qh:::Qs:::Qd:::6s and the ace-high was good enough for the Unibet Poker ambassador.

At almost the same time, Andrei Jambor had tabled the winning hand with :::Ad:::Jd one table over on the river of a board :::Jh:::6s:::6c:::8c:::5s and Manolea mucked her cards before leaving the tournament area.

Evangelos Bechrakis420,00095,000
Andrei Jambor130,00080,000
Carmen Zainescu95,000-10,000
Espen Uhlen Jorstad85,00045,000
Luciana Manolea0-50,000
Eugen Chiva0-23,100
Gheorghe Androne0-81,000
Markus Heikkila0-105,000
Antti Salmela0-49,900
Timo Vogt0-39,800
Maxime Canevet0-123,000
Ioan Taizs0-76,600
Eduard Norel0-74,600