Miracle Escape Saves Tahvonen

Rauno "Ben" Tahvonen

Dejan Govedic picked up :::Ad:::As and raised to 120,000. Rauno Tahvonen, with just 140,000 left, finally found a big hand in :::Ac:::Kd, only to be crushed by the best hand in poker.

Calm as always, Tahvonen awaited his fate as the flop came down :::Kh:::Jh:::4s, which opened up two outs for Tahvonen to pull the miracle.

As if it was scripted, the :::Ks landed on the turn to give Tahvonen trip kings and the lead. The shocked Estonian put his hands towards his mouth, in awe of what just transpired in front of him. The river was the :::4c and Tahvonen nearly tripled up.

"Bam!" the Estonian yelled, still baffled by what just happened. Even with the escape, the skateboard instructor is still short with 7 big blinds.

Rauno Tahvonen 410,000 150,000