One for Thys

With three players involved on a :::9h:::8c:::4h flop, action was on Kris Thys in the small blind. He bet 9,000 and got called by Jonas Christensen and Deivis Rinkevicius. The turn was the :::2s and Thys bet 22,000. Christensen folded and Rinkevicius called.

Both players checked the :::Qs on the river. Thys showed :::Kd:::9d for a pair of nines and Rinkevicius mucked.

This table will become the feature table after the break and can be watched on the live stream.

Deivis Rinkevicius 275,000 -5,000
Kris Thys 230,000 114,000
Sidsel Nebel 200,000 -41,900
Jonas Christensen 200,000 56,600
Frank Meijer 175,000 14,900
Ioana Silvana 90,000 -60,000