Petrauskas and Bjornli at It Again

Gedas Petrauskas

A completed board of :::ks:::tc:::3s:::7h:::jd was spread across the felt with around 100,000 in the middle already. Stig Bjornli and Gedas Petrauskas were heads-up again and Bjornli slid out a bet of 35,000.

Petrauskas raised to 140,000 in position and Bjornli wasn’t going to lay this one down. He made the call but Petrauskas turned over :::as:::qc for a rivered straight. Petrauskas scooped another massive pot on his way to the top of the leaderboard.

Gedas Petrauskas780,000298,000
Stig Bjornli290,000-133,000