Sigurd Carlsson Eliminated in 2nd Place (DKK 362,100)

Sigurd Carlsson

The hand after the big confrontation, Sigurd Carlsson and Kaarel Lepik got their stacks in the middle again.

Sigurd Carlsson: :::Ks:::3s
Kaarel Lepik: :::Kd:::9h

The loud Estonian rail jumped on their feet and closed in on the table to see their hero trying to win it all. The :::9c:::Td:::Qc flop was massive for Lepik and left Carlsson basically drawing to a chop. The :::2d on the turn and :::3h on the river sealed it for Lepik, who flexed his muscle before getting swarmed by his Estonian compadres.

Carlsson put up a massive fight and held the chip lead throughout the majority of this long heads-up battle but eventually succumbed in second place. The Faroese received a massive payday of DDK 362,100, easily the biggest cash ever made by someone from the Faroe Islands.

Kaarel Lepik 12,200,000 650,000
Sigurd Carlsson 0 -650,000