Soukip Drags A Big One

Martin Soukup

2016 Unibet Open Malta winner Martin Soukup is all set for another deep run at the Unibet Open. Soukup won the Main Event in Malta last year, cashing €65,000, which is still his only cash to date.

It would take a surprising turn of events for Soukup to not score his second cash, as the Czech sits at 250,000 after dragging a pot from Karsten Johansen. In a small blind against button situation, Soukup had the betting lead on a :::2s:::8h:::6c:::6s board and bet 19,000. Johansen called.

On the :::Kd river, Soukup checked and Johansen bet 40,000. The Czech took a deep breath before committing the calling chips.

Johansen mucked his hand face down and Soukup raked in the big pot without showdown.

Martin Soukup 250,000 125,000
Karsten Johansen 90,000 90,000