Van Lancker Doubles Through Foord-Brown

Gerret Van Lancker

Gerret Van Lancker raised to 95,000 with :::Qs:::Qc. Dejan Godevic called with :::Kd and an unknown card on the button, Francis Foord-Brown called with :::9c:::9h from the small blind and Kevin Barden defended :::Qh:::7h.

The flop came down :::Ts:::4c:::2s. Van Lancker continued with 255,000 and Godevic folded quickly. Foord-Brown check-raised with a massive amount of T-100,000 chips, enough to cover both players. Barden folded, but Van Lancker instantly called.

The turn :::4s and river :::Ah were safe for Van Lancker, who doubled up through the chipleader.

Francis Foord-Brown 2,685,000 -450,000
Gerret Van Lancker 1,745,000 950,000