White Meets Resistance

Oliver White opened to 125,000 with the :::Qh:::6h and Jonathan Schuman three-bet to 330,000 with :::As:::Ts to take down the pot right there.

White raied to 125,000 right after with the :::Jd:::Td and table neighbor Andreas Wiborg moved all in for 1.8 million with the :::Qs:::Qd.

Honhlin Jiang raised to 135,000 with :::Ad:::9c and White defended :::9s:::6s in the big blind. On a flop of :::Ah:::Jd:::3h, White checked and quickly folded to a bet of 220,000 by Jiang.

Oliver White 2,200,000 -485,000
Honglin Jiang 2,000,000 110,000