Acsinte Vanishes in Two Hands

Dan Murariu

Christin Maschmann "had her aces cracked," and then got it in with :::Kd:::Qd for a flush draw only for her opponent to make quads on the river for good measure. Michael Farrelly was also among those to bust and Iulian-Ioan Acsinte joined them on the rail.

After a raise to 1,300 by Acsinte and a call by Dan Murariu on the button, Ivan Tononi jammed the small blind for 16,325. Sven “Svennoss” Edelenbosch in the big blind had a decision to make but folded and Acsinte also jammed to force out Murariu.

Ivan Tononi: :::Ah:::Jh
Iulian-Ioan Acsinte: :::Ac:::Kh

"The ace of blubs is coming," Tononi predicted. Instead, he got there via runner runner flush on a board of :::8c:::5c:::4h:::Qh:::8h to double for 16,325. Acsinte was left with crumbs and got it in soon after with :::Kd:::Qc, facing the :::As:::2h of Murariu. Acsinte was teased with a :::Jh{10h}:::4s flop, but the :::8d turn and :::8s river were blanks.

Sven Edelenbosch40,0000
Ivan Tononi35,0005,000
Dan Murariu34,0002,000
Antti Salmela00
Christin Maschmann0-26,000
Michael Farrelly0-29,700
Iulian-Ioan Acsinte00