Action Slowing Down

Paz Shkalim opened up the action when it folded all the way around to him in the small blind. He raised to 1,200 and the player in the big blind, Knut Eirik Fravaag, called the raise.

The flop came down :::9d:::Ad:::8h and both players checked to unveil the :::8c turn card. This time when it checked to Fravaag he bet to 1,100. Paz called the bet to see the :::Qs river card complete the board.

Shkalim check-called again, but this time the bet was a bit heftier being 3,400. When Shkalim called it was Fravaag who tabled his cards quickly showing :::8d:::7s.

The blinds are slowly going up and in this level, the average stack is for the first time below the 100 big blind mark and in general, the action is getting a bit slower. There aren’t that many multi-way pots anymore as things are starting to get pricey.

Paz Shkalim 41,000 -12,000
Knut Eirik Fravaag 36,000 36,000