Bostan more than Triples Up

Cosmin Cimpeanu raised to 160,000 with the :::Qh:::Js and Eli Heath three-bet to 400,000 with :::Kc:::8c on the button. Dan Murariu four-bet all in and Traian Bostan called all in for the last 260,000 in the big blind, while the two initial raisers folded.

Traian Bostan: :::6d:::4d
Dan Murariu: :::Ad:::Ks

The board ran out :::Jc:::8d:::3c:::9d:::Jd gave Bostan a flush and he staged a comeback from very few big blinds.

Dan Murariu3,175,000-80,000
Traian Bostan1,020,000520,000