The Bubble Bursts Without Hand-For-Hand

Barry McMahon busts right on the money bubble

Kasper Mellanen busted over on the feature table and when Barry McMahon ran with :::Qd:::Qs into the :::As:::Ah of Thomas Fitzgerald, finding no help on a board of :::5d:::2d:::2s:::Ad:::Js, the dealers were instructed to stop after their current hand.

There was one further showdown and Raiko Vannas failed to improve with ace-queen against the :::Qs:::Qh of Robert Franks, reducing the field from 50 to 47 hopefuls and letting the bubble burst without the need to play hand-for-hand.

Thomas Fitzgerald530,000205,000
Kasper Mellanen0-35,000
Barry McMahon0-108,900
Raiko Vannas0-120,000