Byrne Gets a Early Double

Barrie Pietersz

Peter Curry, Barrie Pietersz and Jorma Vuoksenmaa have been among the early casualties, while John Byrne has been eliminated. He three-bet all in for 11,800 after a raise by Henri Koivisto and the big stack from Finland quickly called.

Koivisto showed the :::Kc:::7c, and Byrne was in need of help with the :::9h:::7h. He flopped an open-ender and turned a pair on the board :::8c:::6h:::2d:::9c:::9d to score the double.

Henri Koivisto320,000-10,500
John Byrne27,00012,400
Peter Curry0-29,800
Barrie Pietersz0-49,900
Jorma Vuoksenmaa0-24,000