Duane Doubles

Eszter Fabian raised to 12,000 and short stack Anthony Mitchell Duane pushed for 38,500. Fabian gave it some brief consideration and called, tabling the :::As:::6s. Duane had a flip with :::5s:::5d and emerged victorious thanks to a board of :::Qh:::Js:::4d:::Qd:::3d.

Others who were not as fortunate in the new level include Doron Shako, Mark Rink, Avi Osezikili, Martin Tsankov and Yosef Boker.

Eszter Fabian300,000145,000
Anthony Mitchell Duane80,000-106,500
Doron Shako0-123,500
Mark Rink0-65,000
Avi Osezikli0-79,500
Martin Tsankov0-103,500
Yosef Boker0-79,500