Jurkovil Gives Up on the River

Jussi Perlinen made it 700 to go from the hijack and was called by Stjepan Jurkovil in the cutoff. Bjorn Kadgien also came along from the big blind to see a flop of :::js:::jh:::5h.

The action checked around to the :::6d on the turn and both Kadgien and Perlinen checked again. Jurkovil tossed in a bet of 1,800 and only Kadgien called.

The river was the :::4s and Kadgien checked for the third time. Jurkovil gave up and checked it back. Kadgien tabled :::6c:::5d for two pair and Jurkovil conceded the pot.

Stjepan Jurkovil42,50012,500
Bjorn Kadgien27,200