Grekul Flops Two Pair to Stay Alive

Renato Messina opened to 800 in early position and was called by Alexander Lebedev in middle position. Igor Grekul was down to just 4,300 chips and moved all in from the cutoff. Bartlomiej Grabowski flat-called from the small blind and both Messina and Lebedev folded.

Igor Grekul: :::kd:::9d
Bartlomiej Grabowski: :::ah:::qh

Grekul needed to connect with the board in order to stay alive and he did so in a big way on the :::ks:::9s:::2s flop. The :::as on the turn gave Grabowski some outs for the win or for the chop, but the :::7d on the river ensured Grekul of a double up.

Bartlomiej Grabowski25,700
Igor Grekul11,000-19,000