Leandro Gaone Eliminated in 4th Place (€13,310)

Glenn Laureys raised from the button, and Leandro Gaone moved all in for 2,800,000 from the small blind.

Laureys asked for a count after Holboldt had folded in the big blind, and then decided to call.

Laureys: 8♠8♣
Gaone: Q♦Q♣

Board: 8♥4♠2♥2♣A♠

Gaone had found himself in a great spot for a double up with the higher pocket pair, but when the eight of spades appeared on the flop, Laureys took a shock lead.

“Queen” exclaimed Gaone after the turn card had given Laureys a full house, but the river card only sealed his elimination in 4th place for €13,310

Glenn Laureys – 9,750,000
Justin Holboldt – 7,850,000
Denis Kleinleugemors – 3,350,000