Nex Doubles Through Leibgorin

Vladimir Nex :::ad:::qs raised to 125,000 and Michel Leibgorin :::ac:::5c defended his big blind. The flop came :::qc:::7h:::6d and Leibgorin checked.

Nex bet 125,000 and Leibgorin quickly called. The turn was the :::3c. Leibgorin checked again and Nex continued for 300,000. Leibgorin check-raised all in for 2,505,000.

Nex tanked and eventually called all in for his last 1,300,000. Leibgorin would need to hit his flush or straight but the :::9h river ensured a double up for Nex.

Vladimir Nex3,700,0001,740,000
Michel Leibgorin945,000-1,750,000