Potcoava Flops Quads

Mihnea Potcoava raised to 12,000 and was called three ways by Nicolae Suciu, Traian Bostan on the button and Padraig O’Neill. The latter only had 9,000 behind and checked the :::8d:::2c:::2s flop. Potcoava also checked, Suciu bet 17,000 and he was called by Bostan, O’Neill folded and Potcoava called.

They checked the :::6s turn and Potcoava’s bet of 37,000 on the :::Qh river resulted in a fold from Suciu and a quick call by Bostan. Potcoava rolled over :::2d:::2h for quads and raked in the pot. O’Neill forfeited his small blind the next hand and was left with exactly one big blind, and an entire orbit to survive before ending up forced all in.

Traian Bostan345,000175,000
Mihnea Potcoava260,000110,000
Nicolae Suciu105,000-55,000
Padraig O’Neill6,000-104,100