Joentausta Busts Gavrila; 48 Remain

Gabriel Gavrila

Gabriel Gavrila pushed all in for 24,000 and Aku Joentausta reshoved for some 170,000 in the cutoff to isolate successfully. The cards were only turned over once all other tables had finished their action and Gavrilut was in need of help.

Gabriel Gavrila: :::As:::4h
Aku Joentausta: :::Kc:::Ks

The board came down :::6d:::2d:::2h:::9s{10d} and Gavrila was eliminated in 49th place. One table will break and the action continues on the stone cold money bubble.

Aku Joentausta210,000-8,000
Gabriel Gavrila0-45,000