Schuman Bests White in Showdown

Jonathan Schuman made it 125,000 to go on the button with the :::Qs:::Jd and Christopher Yong three-bet to 380,000 with the :::Jh:::Jc in the big blind. Schuman gave it some thought and elected to fold.

Soon after Schumann raised from the cutoff to 110,000 with the :::As:::4d and Oliver White called in the big blind with the :::Qh:::Td. On the :::Kd:::Th:::6s flop, Whiter checked his second pair and called a bet of 110,000 before the :::Ad turn was checked. On the :::3h river, White checked and Schuman quickly bet 110,000. White needed some time to call and did so with third pair to drop some chips.

Jonathan Schuman 1,940,000 35,000
Oliver White 1,430,000 90,000