Schuman Bests White in Showdown

Jonathan Schuman made it 125,000 to go on the button with the :::Qs:::Jd and Christopher Yong three-bet to 380,000 with the :::Jh:::Jc in the big blind. Schuman gave it some thought and elected to fold.

Soon after Schumann raised from the cutoff to 110,000 with the :::As:::4d and Oliver White called in the big blind with the :::Qh:::Td. On the :::Kd:::Th:::6s flop, Whiter checked his second pair and called a bet of 110,000 before the :::Ad turn was checked. On the :::3h river, White checked and Schuman quickly bet 110,000. White needed some time to call and did so with third pair to drop some chips.

Jonathan Schuman1,940,00035,000
Oliver White1,430,00090,000