Schuman Gets White to Fold

Andreas Wiborg raised to 115,000 with the :::Ac:::Jh and Christopher Yong defended the :::Ad:::4s in the big blind. On a flop of :::Ks:::Qd:::4h, Yong checked and called a bet of 110,000 by Wiborg. The :::Jd fell on the turn and Yong checked, then folded to Wiborg’s second barrel.

Oliver White raised to 100,000 with the :::5d:::5h on the button and Jonathan Schuman three-bet to 300,000 with the :::5c:::3s out of the big blind, White called. On the flop of :::9c:::7c:::7d and Schuman quickly bet 250,000.

Christopher Yong 3,370,000 -175,000
Andreas Wiborg 2,145,000 -25,000
Jonathan Schuman 1,905,000 355,000
Honglin Jiang 1,720,000 125,000
Oliver White 1,340,000 -530,000