Schuman Forces Polito to Fold; Shows Straight

Jonathan Schuman raised to 75,000 with the :::Qd:::Tc and Laurent Polito in the small blind three-bet to 205,000 with the :::Ad:::8c. Schuman started some table chat and called to see a flop of :::Ah:::Jh:::js.

Polito checked and Schuman bet 200,000 with his gutshot, Polito gave it some thought and called. The :::8s appeared on the turn and Polito checked once more, as did Schuman.

The :::Kh on the river improved Schuman to a straight and Polito checked, Schuman moved all in. Polito took a long sip from his tea and eventually folded to get shown the straight by Schuman

Jonathan Schuman1,648,000525,000
Laurent Polito460,000-485,000