Wiborg Flushes Schuman

Oliver White raised preflop and picked up two callers in Andreas Wiborg and Jonathan Schuman in thr blinds. On a three-way flop of :::9s:::8s:::7s, Wiborg flopped a flush with :::Ks:::2s and bet 75,000, only Schuman called with the :::Tc:::9d for top pair and a straight draw.

The :::4h turn brought a bet of 210,000 by Wiborg and Schuman quickly called. On the :::Jh river, Schuman improved to a straight and Wiborg gave it some thought before checking. Schuman bet 275,000, which Wiborg just called.

Andreas Wiborg 2,150,000 616,000
Jonathan Schuman 1,088,000 -560,000