Three-Bet by Soukup

Traian Bostan opened to 50,000 with the :::9d:::7d in the hijack and Catalin Moraru in the cutoff three-bet to 135,000 with :::Ad:::Js. Bostan wasted little time to send his cards into the muck.

Moraru then opened to 50,000 with :::Ad:::9d and Toni Judet came along one seat over with the :::Ac{10c}, Martin Soukup three-bet to 210,000 out of the small blind with :::Kc:::Jd. Moraru opted to fold and Judet came to the same conclusion.

Martin Soukup2,300,000100,000
Toni Judet1,100,000-65,000
Traian Bostan910,000-75,000
Catalin Moraru875,00075,000