Valentin Can’t Hold with Jacks; Toma Cracks Aces

The first all in and call didn’t take long and an early upset included the elimination of Csaba Szerze. He got it in with :::Ac:::Ah against the :::Ks:::Kd of Andrei Toma and the latter got there. While Szerze left the table in disgust, Toma took out his smartphone to snap a picture of the cards and board.

One table over, Anghel Valentin was at risk with :::Jd:::Jh and Andrei Dobrescu got there with :::As:::2d.

Andrei Toma135,00045,600
Andrei Dobrescu50,00020,500
Anghel Valentin0-19,200
Csaba Szerze0-46,700