Zielinski Forces Out the Best Hand

Renato Messina just limped in and Przemyslaw Zielinski raised to 2,000. Jaakko Kayhko was in the small blind with just 5,700 chips and pushed all in. Messina called but Zielinski re-shoved all in for 44,000 which got a painful fold from Messina.

Przemyslaw Zielinski: :::ah:::kh
Jaakko Kayhko: :::8d:::5d

"Ace, ace!" Messina cheered for as he folded a pocket pair. The board ran out :::9c:::6c:::4c:::th:::qc and neither player connected in any way, leaving Zielinski with the winning hand of ace-high.

Renato Messina114,00045,000
Przemyslaw Zielinski56,00010,000
Jaakko Kayhko0