Booker Induces a Bet from Jurkovil

Stjepan Jurkovil raised to 1,700 in early position and was called by Lukasz Kurcaba on his left, Timothy Booker in the small blind and Alan Carr in the big blind. The flop came :::9d:::7h:::7c and Booker led out for 800. Carr folded but Jurkovil and Kurcaba both called.

The turn was the :::td and Booker tossed in another bet of 1,500. Jurkovil still called and Kurcaba got out of the way. The :::5d hit the river and Booker checked this time. Jurkovil pushed in a bet of 8,600 and Booker quickly called. Jurkovil showed :::ad:::js for just ace-high and Booker had :::ah:::7d for trip sevens.

Timothy Booker65,7004,700
Stjepan Jurkovil46,000-20,000