Brion Gets a Fold From Piraux

Action was on a :::8s:::2h:::4c:::8c:::7c board and Romain Piraux had checked to opponent Jerome Brion.

The pot was around 34,000 and Brion bet around half, sliding 17,000 into them idle. Piraux took his time with his decision before electing to fold.

He sits with around 25 big blinds with table chip leader Lucas Amzalak sitting closer to 50 big blinds.

Lucas Amzalak90,000-5,000
Vasile Oros80,000
Alban Juen75,000
Jerome Brion70,00040,000
Jeffrey Lam65,000
Romain Piraux50,000
Martin Soukup45,00015,000
Christian Dina30,000