Da Silva vs. Jordan

Chris Da Silva

Table 16 has been very active with plenty of action and talk between the players.

In the latest hand, Chris Da Silva and Terry Jordan saw a :::2d{10d}:::4s flop.

Da Silva checked, and Jordan bet 2,000.

"I will call once, Terry," said Da Silva and flicked the calling chips into the middle.

The turn card was the :::2c, and Da Silva again check-called a bet from Jordan, this time for 4,000.

The river card was the :::3s, and both players checked to a showdown.

"Two pair" announced Jordan, before he revealed the :::qd:::4d.

Da Silva smiled at Jordan before he revealed :::qc{10h} for a higher two pair.

"Why didn’t you bet? Double me up, Terry" joked Da Silva to his London poker scene friend Jordan, before he swooped in the pot.

Terry Jordan 60,000 -10,000
Chris Da Silva 33,000 3,000