Deivis Rinkevicius Eliminated in 16th Place (€5,870)

Deivis Rinkevicius

Vojtech Susta opened to 85,000 from early position. Deivis Rinkevicius three-bet jammed to 455,000 and Susta quickly called.

Deivis Rinkevicius: :::ad:::tc
Vojtech Susta: :::Qd:::Qs

Susta was ahead the entire hand as the :::jc:::6d:::9d:::7h:::5s board ran all blanks for Rinkevicius.

After the hand, Rinkevicius headed to the cashier to collect €5,870 for 16th place.

Vojtech Susta1,500,000735,000
Deivis Rinkevicius0-470,000