Chutrov Doubles Off Shomron

Daniel Chutrov

Daniel Chutrov opened to 80,000 from early position. The action folded to Amir Shomron in the big blind, who three-bet more than the 770,000 Chutrov had in his stack. Chutrov wasted no time and quickly made the call.

Amir Shomron: :::3c:::3s
Daniel Chutrov: :::As:::Kh

Shomron held a minor advantage in the hand before the flop. However, the advantage went over to Chutrov after he paired the :::Ac:::5h:::6h flop. The :::9h on the turn and the :::7d on the river were of no help to Shomron and Chutrov doubled up.

Daniel Chutrov 1,600,000 990,000
Amir Shomron 695,000 -30,000