Dmitrii Prusov Eliminated in 21st Place (€3,410)

Dmitrii Prusov

There are two former Unibet Open champions remaining and Martin Soukup has sent yet another opponent to the rail to further build his bid to earn a second title.

Dmitrii Prusov had jammed for around 250,000 and Soukup in the big blind was in the think tank. The clock was called on him and Soukup then made the call.

Dmitrii Prusov: :::9s:::9c
Martin Soukup: :::Ac:::Qs

The board came :::Qh:::Js:::5c:::5d:::8c and Soukup paired his queen to eliminate Prusov in 21st place for €3,410.

Martin Soukup895,000323,000
Dmitrii Prusov0-278,000