Razvan Bizera Eliminated in 23rd Place (€3,410)

Razvan Bizera

Martin Soukup opened to 25,000 in the cutoff and was called by Razvan Bizera in the big blind. They headed to the :::Js{10h}:::2s flop, on which Bizera check-shoved into a bet of 35,000 for around 170,000. Soukup made the call and Bizera was in dire shape.

Razvan Bizera: :::Kc:::2h
Martin Soukup: :::Kh:::Jd

The :::Ad turn gave Bizera some chop outs, but the :::3h river was a blank to send Bizera to the rail in 23rd place for €3,410

Martin Soukup572,000237,000
Razvan Bizera0-280,000