Eli Heath Eliminated in 2nd Place (€64,200)

Eli Heath

After losing another pot by giving up the river of an ace-high board, Eli Heath was down to just 14 big blinds and open-shoved, Traian Bostan snap-called.

Eli Heath: :::Qc:::7s
Traian Bostan: :::Ah:::Qh

The board ran out :::Js:::Jh{10d}:::5d:::8d and the Romanian rail erupted in celebration. Heath defeated six Romanians, but the seventh was one too many. The Brit has to settle for 2nd plade and a payday of €64,200, while Bostan receives €100,000 and ensures that the trophy stays in the host country.

A recap of today’s action will be available shortly.

Traian Bostan17,930,0005,050,000
Eli Heath0-5,050,000