Heikkila Doubles Through Muto

Katsuhiro Muto

On a flop of :::7h:::6c:::4d, Katsuhiro Muto and Markus Heikkila invested 1,500 each to see the :::Jh on the turn and Muto checked over to Heikkila. The Swede made it 4,000 to go and Muto gave it some thought before moving all in, Heikkila snap-called.

Markus Heikkila: :::6d:::6s
Katsuhiro Muto: :::Js{10s}

Heikkila was already secured the double up even before the meaningless :::3c appeared on the river and he doubled his remaining 15,725 to leave Muto on around one third of the starting stack.

Tomas Montrimas40,00040,000
Markus Heikkila38,0008,000
Katsuhiro Muto9,000-21,000