Hladik Caught Bluffing

Charlotte van Brabander has started well into Day 1a and increased her stack. On the same table, Jorma Vuoksenmaa just secured a very healthy pot to go beyond van Brabander in the overall counts.

The Unibet Open regular from Finland defended his big blind against a raise by Michel Hladik in the cutoff and the duo checked the :::Jh:::9d:::8h flop. On the :::Ac turn, Vuoksenmaa bet 650 and Hladik raised to 2,100, which Vuoksenmaa called. The :::4c fell on the river and Vuoksenmaa checked once more, which prompted a bet of 6,000 by Hladik.

Vuoksenmaa gave it some consideration and called, and Hladik reluctantly showed his cards as he was caught bluffing with :::Kh:::7h for a busted flushdraw and gutshot. Vuoksenmaa held :::As:::9c for two pair, aces and nines, and won the first big pot of the day.

Jorma Vuoksenmaa39,000
Charlotte van Brabander35,0005,000
Michael Hladik20,500