Olarescu Takes From Klassen

What started as a limped pot turned into quite some action over on table 10 that also features Nicholas Newport and Daiva Byrne.

Ricardo Klassen had limped on the button and Newport filled up from the small blind, Raul Olarescu then raised in the big blind and was called only by Klassen. On the {10c}:::8c:::7h:::2d turn, Olarescu bet 1,500 and Klassen raised it up to 3,600, which Olarescu called. They both checked the :::Js on the river and Olarescu turned over :::Jd:::Jh for a set of jacks on a four-card straight board.

Klassen grinned and briefly showed the case jack with the :::Jc before sending his cards into the muck.

Raul Olarescu35,000
Ricardo Klassen25,000