Kamber Doubles

Mor Kamber

Vamshi Vandanapu raised from the hijack and saw Mor Kamber reshove for 410,000 from the cutoff. The action folded back around to Vandanapu, and he called.

Kamber: {10s}{10d}
Vandanapu: :::ad:::jd

Board: :::5d:::6d:::7s:::3c:::qs

Kamber was once again all in and in a flip. She kept her advantage on the flop, but Vandanapu increased his outs after picking up the nut flush draw.

But the turn and river cards were no help for Vandanapu, and Kamber was shocked that she had survived.

Kamber’s fantastic run from 75,000 early on in Day 3 continues, and she is now sat with 875,000.

Mor Kamber 875,000 525,000
Vamshi Vandanapu 250,000 -280,000