Kim Claims a Nice Pot

Antoine Vranken has had a rough start into Day 1b and lost almost two third of his stack already. On nearby tables, such notables as ambassador Alexandre Reard, Mick McCloskey, Paul Leckey and Valentin Cristea have taken a seat.

Also in action is Jae Young Kim, who just won a decent pot in a three-way hand that also included Eoin O’Shea. Kim bet the :::Jc:::Jd:::6d:::6s:::5s river for 2,800 and O’Shea was the only one to call, rather reluctantly. Kim turned over the :::Ah:::Jh for a full house and that won the pot.

Jae Young Kim43,00043,000
Paul Leckey30,00030,000
Mick McCloskey30,00030,000
Alexandre Reard30,00030,000
Valentin Cristea24,000-6,000
Eoin O’Shea24,00024,000
Antoine Vranken12,00012,000