Wedde in Early Lead; Lappin Takes a Pot ambassador Quentin Lecomte has lost almost half of his stack early on and a quick look at his table reveals a far bigger stack for Norway’s Gunnar Wedde, who sits right next to David Lappin. The Irishman just won a pot off Vladislavs Rutkovskis and remains near the starting stack.

Picking up the action on the :::Qd:::Qh:::3s flop, Rutkovskis check-raised from 225 to 600 and Lappin called. The :::4c turn was checked and Rutkovskis then check-called a bet of 1,000 on the :::Jh river. Lappin rolled over the :::Qc{10h} for trips queens and dragged in the pot.

Gunnar Wedde45,000
David Lappin29,000-1,000
Vladislavs Rutkovskis26,500
Quentin Lecomte16,000